paper - Web Based Precalculus by Margo Alexander Ph.D...

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Web Based Precalculus by Margo Alexander, Ph.D. Georgia State University, Department of Mathematics and Statistics University Plaza, Atlanta, GA 30303 (404) 651-2245; (404) 651-2246 fax [email protected] ABSTRACT In the precalculus course that is discussed, students have the option of accessing interactive web based materials in lieu of attending lectures. Students are required to take their daily quizzes over the web as well as a couple of major tests. Strategies used to develop the initial materials, as well as some observations concerning students work associated with on line testing are discussed. Pedagogy Precalculus is a freshman mathematics course which includes topics such as trigonometry from the point of view of functions, polar coordinates, vectors, and conic sections. Good understanding of the concepts is crucial for building students’ mathematical understanding, confidence and success in all subsequent mathematics courses. This course serves as a prerequisite to the calculus sequence. It provides the necessary background for math majors, computer science majors and natural science majors. Course Design Technology In this course, the goal is an innovative approach to using the Web to accommodate more students and teachers as well as to utilize technology. This graphical user interface is available through the use of WebCT. Rather than total class lectures, class material are available on web pages that could be uploaded to WebCT. Students have the option of
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paper - Web Based Precalculus by Margo Alexander Ph.D...

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