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PreCalculus Binomial Probability Davis 11-12 Calculate the given binomial probabilities. Please include both how you got the probability and the probability itself. (Problems and solutions can be found at ) 1. The probability that a letter will be delivered anywhere in California in 2 days or less is 0.84. If a college graduate is sending job applications to 5 colleges, and they are all due in 2 days, find the probability that 4 arrive within 2 days. 2. If a person receives an A in Intermediate Algebra, the probability of that person getting an A in Statistics is 0.4. If 4 people pass Intermediate Algebra with an A, find the probability of exactly 2 getting an A in Statistics. 3. A baseball team is having a 10 game homestand. If the probability that they win a game at home is 0.6, find the probability that they win between 5 and 8 games on this homestand. 4.
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PreCalcBinomialProbability - PreCalculus Binomial...

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