ch9 politics notes - Political Parties (Ch.9) .Madison...

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Political Parties (Ch.9) ..Madison recognized that they provided a way for like-minded people to promote their vision of governing the new nation. What is a political party? A group of like-minded people who seek to control the government by winning elections Interest Groups: form to protect their interests; don’t run candidates for office. Washington’s administration… Thomas Jefferson- supported state’s rights Alexander Hamiliton- supported strong central government, interests of wealthy, organized the FEDERALIST PARTY History of Political Parties (Handout) Party System : a long period of time during which one party dominates government Realignment (realigning elections): majority party replaced by minority party large shift in voter’s allegiance based on new issues or political crisis Dealignment Divided Government : when one party dominates presidency and Congress THIRD PARTIES (minor parties) form to promote one cause as “single issue” parties- Free Soil Party, Prohibition Party
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ch9 politics notes - Political Parties (Ch.9) .Madison...

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