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Jordan Grant 9/1/10 New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg’s speech was very straightforward and to the point. There were many constitutional issues regarding the controversy of the building of the mosque on Ground Zero in Manhattan. Muslims have a constitutional right to build mosques in lower Manhattan. This simple right is what our past leaders fought for. They fought for human rights and human dignity and by being against this idea you are undercutting this country’s values and principles. Some other constitutional issues regarding this controversy were religious freedom, cultural tolerance, and religious liberty.
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Unformatted text preview: All of these issues are important because the last thing America needs right now, especially with this economy and considering we just got out of war with Iraq, is for politicians to think that America is at war with Islam. It would also send a negative signal to Muslim Americans. Yes, everyone knows that Ground Zero is hollow grounds because of 9/11 and those victims will never be forgotten but that doesnt make it right for people to forget the moral values that America stands for. In the end we as a country have to do the right thing....
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