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Jordan Grant 9/9/10 3 rd Row The article regarding the different issues we face as a country is very important. The ones I would say that are most important to me though are the economy as a whole, unemployment rate, government spending, and the enthusiasm gap. The declining unemployment rate affects all 18 and up citizens because some of these people like me come out of high school looking for job security and without it; it won’t be long until they will be back living with their parents. With the rate steadily going down this could affect older citizen’s income which could lead to homelessness. “Reckless government spending” is also a big issue for me because if our government isn’t using the money that we are giving to them through taxes wisely and for the better of the country it could possibly cause a rebellion by the people to
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Unformatted text preview: overthrow the government. Another big issue that is important to me is the enthusiasm gap. As a Democrat reading that the Republicans have a significant edge in enthusiasm to be more likely to vote is not good. It says that our President (Democrat) isn’t doing something right to encourage more Democrats to vote and that is a problem because I support the Democrats views and beliefs. Finally, the last issue regarding the economy as a whole being problem is important to me because the downfall of the economy is affecting other states significantly and it won’t be long until it affects are country as a whole. Everybody has to do its’ best to get on the same page with the stimulus package. Question for candidate running for Congress: What are possible solutions to the decreasing unemployment rate?...
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