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Criminal Justice 322 First Exam Review Spring 2010 First some important advice. 1. You need to study to pass the exam. And you need to study HARD to do well on the exam. 2. Do not only MEMORIZE THE POWERPOINT SLIDES unless it seems necessary for a particular item below or if I suggest you do. I rarely use wording directly from the slides. To answer the questions correctly you have to understand what everything MEANS as well as refer to your notes in which I elaborate on the points on the slides. The biggest mistake that many students make is relying too much on the slides to study. 3. Studying the lectures is a little more important than the readings. While I ask at least one question from each reading, I ask several questions from each lecture. Material that is covered in both lecture and readings (and there’s a lot of overlap) stands the highest chance of being on the exam. Below are terms that appear in some capacity on the exam. Note the following: For a substantial minority of these items you need to know more than a definition. So, it would be a mistake to simply try to memorize what each of these things are. After all, you have learned much more and I have emphasized much more than definitions. Recall that some questions are interested in your ability to apply and compare theories as well as understanding them. Some of the items below simply listed once on the exam as a wrong choice within one or more multiple choice questions. If you know the right answer you don’t have to worry about the wrong answers. However, knowing them certainly helps in the process of elimination. Everything or almost everything you need to know for the exam is listed below. So use this sheet as your study guide! “Def.” Means that you need to know the definition. It does not likely mean that there will be a question on the exam that asks the definition. Rather it means that the item is simply one of the answer choices that you will be able to select or rule out properly if you know the definition. The exam is 62 questions. Currently about 1/3 of the questions are true/false.
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This note was uploaded on 11/20/2011 for the course CRIMINAL J 202:322 taught by Professor Hirschfield during the Spring '10 term at Rutgers.

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ReviewSheetExam1Sp10 - Criminal Justice 322 First Exam...

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