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James Fisk UGC112 Laticia McNaughton 4/12/11 Do corporations have too much power in the world? i would say yes. We live in a capitalistic society. Money means power and influence. corporations who have taken the advantages of capitalism have, no pun intended, capitalized on the advantages that having money brings. They can break or find a way around the laws of the world, they can hide their decisions from the public and from the government, and they can afford to fund massive campaigns to create or blocks laws that they deem necessary. A perfect example of how corporations have too much money are tobacco companies. They sell a product which has killed millions and continues to kill millions. It causes types of cancer and not only harms the user, but the people around it. Tobacco is legal. While people
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Unformatted text preview: lobbying against tobacco have made great strides, including enormous tax hikes, illegalizing it in public buildings and even printing a label on all tobacco products warming of the side effects, tobacco companies, because of the amount of money and power they have invested in our government, still trudge on. Corporations can also "buy" presidential candidates. There are massive amounts of donations made by corporations in support of the candidate they think will help their business. Instead of democracy, elections can be greatly affected by how much money a candidate has to spend on campaigning. Also there are certain incentives for a candidate after a certain corporation donates money to him/her. This way corporations can effect what goes on in our government second hand....
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