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Gabruk 1 Jonathan Gabruk Dr. Cheu WRA 130 Section 005 10:20-12:10 Essay 2 Final Draft 2-20-07 No Cures to Essentialism Cures a Gay Man’s Odyssey exhibits Martin Duberman’s struggle with his dubious conception of his sexuality. Critical landmarks in his life, such as various sexual encounters and the “homosexual therapy” influenced his conception. Accordingly, these landmarks indicated a definite fork in the road for the reader’s perspicacity of sexuality. Consequently, the reader is presented with the following question; is sexuality either essential or changeable? After reviewing the book I believe that there is something essential to sexuality. Likewise, Duberman’s adoption of essentialism allows for the acceptance of himself as well as the gay community. In his passage about his education at Yale University Duberman quotes, “I was beginning to get the message. As far back as I could remember, I had been attracted erotically only to men, and my masturbation fantasies had always focused exclusively on them” (14). Suffice to say this statement indicates that throughout Duberman’s sexual encounters essentialism was clearly prevalent. His early homosexual tendencies occurred when he embraced a “special friendship” with his young friend Katz. The notion of male companionship and affection blossomed during his special friendship.
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Gabruk2 This notion eventually transgressed his adolescence even after Katz had passed on. Duberman explains, Two years later, the beloved Katz no longer sharing my pillow and, at the onset of my twelfth year, advancing rapidly on puberty, I organized my current bunkmates into a ritual we called “fussing.” We would put a mattress at the bottom of the closet in our bunk and, through trial and error, develop a code question: “You feel like fussing?” If yes, we’d go into the closet, two at a time, and body-rub ourselves into pleasure. (14) His ritual of “fussing” with his fellow bunkmates indicates that the notion of male affection is still present in Duberman’s life. However, during high school he begins to counteract his homosexual tendencies by experimenting with women from the local brothel. Duberman quotes, “She called me over to the bed, where I dutifully got on top of
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WRA essay 2 - Gabruk 1 Jonathan Gabruk Dr. Cheu WRA 130...

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