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Unformatted text preview: September 15 September 15 Physics In: In: Use each of these vocabulary words in a sentence. – Advocate – Regression – Rebound – Retort – Secede – Secrete Video: Big Air Video: Big Air Objective: Objective: To prepare to predict the landing point of a projectile. Success Criteria: Be ready to measure your data right away tomorrow. Lab: Projectile Motion Lab: Projectile Motion Loggerpro Loggerpro –Physics with Vernier File 08 projectile motion Problem: Can we predict the landing point of a projectile? Background information: – 5 important points Hypothesis: If ….then…because…. Procedure: – Labeled diagram of set up – Description of how you are going to calculate the landing point. Data: Synthesis Synthesis I own/I don’t Out: What do you need to measure to get the landing point of the marble? ...
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