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Unformatted text preview: October 3 October 3 physics In: In: What do you think affects the force of friction? Objective: Objective: To build an understanding of the force of friction. Success criteria: Understand the variables that make up friction. Discovery Lab: Discovery Lab: Force of friction List the possible variables that make up the force of friction Using the force probe and friction block, test each variable. Data: 1. Variable 1: a) b) How are you testing it What was your result 2. Variable 2 : ….Etc… What did we find out: What did we find out: Force of friction Force of friction Static Force of Friction – Force needed to start an object moving Kinetic Force of Friction – Force needed to keep an object moving Ff=µFn Ff= Force of static friction uses µstatic – The force it takes to get something moving Force of kinetic frictio...
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