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Unformatted text preview: August 29 August 29 Physics In: In: Wile E. Coyote falls from a cliff, and lands 10 seconds later. How high is the cliff? What is his velocity just before he lands? Objective: Objective: Solve all free fall problems. Success criteria: – Solve freefall problems initial velocity of zero Positive initial velocity Lab Conclusions due Lab Conclusions due tomorrow How fast would you have How fast would you have to jump up to go as high as the 443 meter The Empire State building? If someone dropped If someone dropped a penny off the top of the 443 meter Empire State Building, how fast would it be going when it hit you? A rock is dropped from the 79 meter high A rock is dropped from the 79 meter high deck of the Golden Gate Bridge. How long does it take to fall? Quiz: Quiz: Free fall After quiz: After quiz: Synthesis I own/I don’t Understand Out: How did you study for this quiz? What will you do differently next time? ...
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