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Unformatted text preview: August 24 August 24 Physics In: In: How long would it take a coyote, dropped from a height of 600m to hit the ground? Objective: Objective: – Understand experimental accuracy and precision Success criteria – Be able to find the accuracy and precision of a set of measurements Homework check Homework check Freefall: Freefall: An object is in freefall if the only force acting on it is the force of gravity. Up is positive, down is negative. Gravity acts the same on the way up as the way down. Freefall is a constant acceleration situation. Acceleration due to gravity = ­9.8m/s2 Picket fence freefall lab Picket fence freefall lab Problem: to measure the acceleration due to gravity to .5% precision. Background Information: 5 important items Hypothesis: preliminary questions Procedure: Diagram Data: Table Synthesis Synthesis I own/I don’t understand Out: List five words that start with pre­ ...
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