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UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL FLORIDA Department of Mathematics MAP 4226.01 Advanced Calculus I - Fall 2010 Location and Time: MAP406, MWF 1:30-2:50PM Instructor: Alexandru Tamasan Office: MAP 428, Phone: (407) 823-2228 Email: [email protected] Office Hours: MWF 10:20-11:30, or by appointment Textbook: P. Fitzpatrick, Advanced Calculus , any ed. Tentative : Chapters 1 through 9 except chapters 5 and 7. Tests and their weights for the grade: Two-midterms of 20% each, and a final exam of 40% (partly may be take home). Grade scale: A = 90% and above, B = 80% to 89%, C = 70% to 79%, D = 60% to 69 %, and F = below %59. Homework: is worth 20%. Each student will belong in one of the five groups: Yel- low, Green, Blue, Red and Orange. Each group submits only one write-up/assignment. Each problem needs to be written by a different student. The score/assignment will
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Unformatted text preview: be common within each group. Your tests will contain problems similar to the ones assigned in your homework. Course Policy: There are no make-up tests. In the case of a legitimate excuse (death in the family, severe medical problems, official UCF functions) the points of the missed test will be evenly distributed to the weight of the remaining tests and the final. Help: Stop by my office during the office hours or schedule an appointment. Note: Attendance is required. We will discuss homework problems in class. Cheating: Anyone who compromises the integrity of the tests will be subject to penalties, including a grade F for the course. Important dates : withdrawal deadline - October 15; last day of classes - Decem-ber 6; final exam - December 8....
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