saint anthony - 1. Consider that, in his Life of Anthony,...

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1. Consider that, in his Life of Anthony , Athanasius portrays Anthony as a lad who didn't want an education and so never went to school. He was an illiterate country boy who showed up the professors from Athens: "Which is better, the mind that creates book learning or the book learning that reflects the mind? Well, I have a mind and don't need book learning." Consider also that among the various forms that the demons take are those of troops of soldiers and tax collectors, and that Anthony would have ignored the greetings of the Emperor Constantine if he had been left to himself. Athanasius's Anthony is not simply rejecting the world of the flesh, but is also anti- intellectual and anti-governmental. Anthony is a basically a village hero, opposing and ridiculing those whom the village folk of the time regarded as their oppressors. But simple rebellion is not sufficient to make a hero; heroes inevitably represent the realization of some model figure generally recognized and admired by the mass of the population. 2. What, then. was the model upon which Anthony fashioned his way of life? He claimed that he was training, learning discipline, developing skills, hardening himself, learning to take punishment and ignore pain. What does this training lead to? It culminated in physical wrestling matches with demons, followers of Satan. These demons took the form of wild beasts, soldiers, giants, and so forth. The image that
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saint anthony - 1. Consider that, in his Life of Anthony,...

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