dance1 - around. The dance begins slow, peaceful, and...

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Joseph Kao 9/16/11 Dance Appreciation Alphabet Response Amazing Ballet Classic Dream Elegant Flying Gentle Hopping Interesting Jumping Kicking Lively Male New Oasis Peaceful Quick Repetitive Solo Triumphant
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Universe Vacant White Xylophone Young Zesty The Male Solo from Closer , performed and choreographed by Benjamin Millepied, was an absolutely amazing ballet performance. The dance begins with a young soloist wearing all white, who seems to be in his own universe since he is in a vacant, white room. He has a lot of space to work with, and he uses most of it. It looks like a scene straight from a dream. The dance involved many parts of the body, with locomotive movements consisting of running and skipping, while also introducing many lively non-locomotive movements, such as the spinning
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Unformatted text preview: around. The dance begins slow, peaceful, and gentle, but slowly becomes faster as the tempo begins to speed up. The soloist incorporates quick kicks and elegant spins into his dance. However, some of the movements began to feel a little bit repetitive after a while. The soloist definitely displays a lot of positive energy throughout the entire dance. He exerts minimal force onto the floor as he hops and jumps around the stage gracefully. Furthermore, the soloist definitely has a relationship with the sound, as each movement matches perfectly with the tempo and sound. All in all, the performance was very interesting and I hope to learn more about dances similar to this one....
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dance1 - around. The dance begins slow, peaceful, and...

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