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Globalization – Ecology 1) Pollution - Causes: Population Growth and wasteful consumerism - The earth is degrading massively, extinction of many species - This translates to vastly increased demands for food, water, timber, and fibers, and places severe pressure on the planet’s ecosystems. - War is not helping - Construction of facilities - Everyday activities on base - Military training and maneuvers - US military is especially destructive due to size: half the world’s military expenditures - US is exempt from most pollution guide lines
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Unformatted text preview: 2) Solutions-Many efforts to save the ecology backfire (ex slide 10)-Climate change is irreversible but humans can adapt-US is needed to promote global awareness, but economy gets in the way-Complete cooperation is needed to save the earth, some steps are being taken-Until then, earth continues to suffer at a fast pace-SOFA exempts US from environmental laws-DOD was created, but hard to monitor/enforce-US is very stubborn...
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