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funerals - The ways in which religious people deal with The...

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Unformatted text preview: The ways in which religious people deal with The ways in which religious people deal with death and the funeral rites they carry out are usually very closely linked with the beliefs about life after death which they hold. Funeral rites are very important for Funeral rites are very important for some reasons: respect for the dead go on to whatever their next life will be give the relatives of the dead time to mourn show their grief in a certain way Funeral Rituals Funeral Rituals Hindu : Most Hindus are burned. Islam :The dead body is buried in the ground. Zoroastrian : lay out the dead (place it in the “Tower of Silence”). Hindu Funerals Hindu Funerals Funerals are usually conducted by a priest and by the eldest son of the person who has died. A Lamp Prayers Pindas Water A mala Cremation Cremation How the cremation takes place depends on where this happens: In the United Kingdom In India Manakarnika is the large cremation ghat on the river Ganges in Benaras Afterwards the ashes of the dead person are sprinkled on water. Funeral Hindu cremation ground at Pashupati Nath After the funeral the widow or widower will wear white The close family may mourn for twelve days. Every year after the death Shraddha takes place. Islamic Funerals Islamic Funerals The necessary Islamic rituals at the death of a Muslim are as follows: The corpse is washed (bathed). The corpse is wrapped in a simple plain cloth. the Janazah prayer. The corpse is buried in the ground. the Muslims collectively pray for the forgiveness of the dead. Zoroastrian Funerals Zoroastrian Funerals the evil spirit The body is bathed. The cloths are destroyed. The special corpse bearers put the corpse on a marble stone. The Dastur intones special prayers The Dasturs pray the GEH­SARNA ceremony In the open, the body is placed on a stone slab and a Dog is brought near to gaze on the face of the dead person. Dakhma The sun and the Rain Sacred ceremonies go on for 4 days. Deep Thinking Questions Deep Thinking Questions If you were to choose one of these funeral rituals to be done for you, which one you would not want to choose and why? Why do Zoroastrians lay the dead bodies out instead of burying or burning them? ...
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