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Unformatted text preview: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Latter-day “Mormons” A s ps o thehis ry b lie , and yno is f to , e fs prac e o theLDS tic prac s f By S phanieJ . Watso : te n How did the Mormon Church begin? How TheMo o Churc wasfo db J o phSm in 1830in h unde y se ith The rm n Palm Ne Yo o phSm ispe yra, w rk.“J se ith rhapsb st kno fo e wn r histranslatio o theBo k o Mo o Ano r Te e nf o f rm n: the stamnt o J e Christ. So eye afte hisFirst Visio Churc f sus m ars r n, h mm e b lie that J o phwasle toahill ne Palm e b rs e ve se d ar yra, Ne Yo whe here e dan anc nt re o fro an ang l w rk, re c ive ie c rd m e kno asMo ni. wn ro The record, engraved on metal plates, gave the history of a people who lived on the American continent during the t ime of Christ, including the appearance of the resurrected Christ to them. Joseph translated the record in about three months, and the resultant Book of Mormon w as first published in New York in 1830. A volume of over 500 pages, the Book of Mormon is one of the great contributions of Joseph Smith and a foundational scripture of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.” Saints.” http:/ / ldsnewsroom/ v/ index.jsp?vgnextoid=750de5c45d19f010VgnVCM100000176f620aRCRD&v Smith’s encounter with the angel Moroni (the myth of how it began) Moroni The angel is responsible The f or Smith’s discovery of the gold tablets, w hich later translated i nto what we know as t he Book of Mormon. Book http://www.b le a/m r-s ith-p s.jpg ib .c o m late E xactly how big is the Mormon Church today? Church • Current populat ion: 12,560,869 (as revealed in 12,560,869 their end-of-year statistical report for 2005) t heir • Current dist ribut ion: 5.7 million members in 5.7 t he United States, 3 million in South America, 1 million in Mexico, 448 thousand in the South Pacific, and 172 thousand in Canada; there are 122 temples in operation, 2,701 stakes, 643 districts, 341 missions and 27,087 wards and branches branches Architecture of a typical Mormon Temple Temple http://o us sd.e rphe .uc du/va11/adam n/% o o so 7Fm rm n4 http://www.flic o /pho s/mwpho s kr.c m to c to /166381499/ Describing Wards and Stakes D escribing • A stakeisage graphical location whe Morm n churche o re o s stake arelo ate pe c d, rhapsthe“c apital” o theMo o c m unity f rm n o m in that are Fo e ple Winc ste VA, hasitso a. r xam , he r, wn stake . stake • A wardistheindividual churche within thestake The s . re ward m b se ral wardswithin o stake Usingthee ple ay e ve ne . xam , Winc s r hasse ral wardswithin itsstake he te ve . A map of local stakes in the Shenandoah Valley Shenandoah Various Sects of the LDS Various There are numerous Mormon fundamental sects—groups of people who broke off There f rom the original Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-day Saints. These are the following sects: t he • Apostolic U nited Brethren Apostolic • Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints • Latter-day Church of Christ (Kingston clan) • Righteous Branch of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints • True and Living Church of Jesus Christ of Saints of the Last Days • Centennial Park Group • Neilson / Naylor Group • United Latter-day Church of Jesus Christ E ach of these sects has different leaders and tends to believe the same virtues as Each those of the Latter-day Saints, but with a few exceptions. t hose http:/ / wiki/ Mormon_fundamentalism Important references of the LDS I mportant • The Bible • The Book of Mormon (another testament of Jesus The Christ that goes with the Bible) Christ • Pearl of Great Price • The Articles of Faith (a section within the Pearl The of Great Price summarizing the beliefs of the LDS) LDS) • D octrine and Covenants Doctrine The Book of Mormon The The Book of Mormon was created after Joseph Smith The w as directed by the angel Moroni to gold tablets i n a hillside. The translation is what we call the Book of Mormon today. The Book of Mormon consists of fifteen books, sixteen including the i ntroduction. The format of these books is much l ike that of the Bible. Each book is composed of numerous chapters—these chapters contain verses. numerous Pearl of Great Price Pearl • “The first paragraph of the Introductory Note in the LDS edition of the The Pearl of Great Price reads: Pearl The – The Pearl of Great Price is a selection of choice materials touching many significant aspects of the faith and doctrine of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. These items were produced by Joseph Smith Jr. and were Joseph published in the Church periodicals of his day. • The Pearl of Great Price contains five sections: Select ions from t he The Pearl Book of Moses, The Book of Abraham, Joseph Smit h—Mat t hew , Book Book Joseph Joseph Smit h—Hist ory and The Art icles of Fait h. The Book of Moses and Joseph The The Book Joseph Smit h—Mat t hew are portions of the Book of Genesis and the Joseph Book Book of Mat t hew (respectively) from the Book Joseph Smit h Translat ion of t he Bible. Joseph Smit h—Hist ory i s a firstJoseph Joseph person narrative of Joseph Smith, Jr. 's life before the founding of the church person Joseph 's i ncluding an account of the First Vision and other heavenly visitations.” F irst The Articles of Faith The The Articles of Faith is 13 key points which the The Mormon believe in and live by. Mormon I t is a guideline of what the religion is about, how It the members are to set examples for nont he Christians, and how to become saved through the Christians, Atonement of Christ. Atonement D octrinal Statement: The Articles of Faith F aith 1Web lie in Go theEte Fathe andin HisSo J e usChris andin theHo Gho d, rnal r, n, s t, ly st. We e ve 2Web lie that mn will b punishe fo the o sins, andno fo Adam transg s n. e e d r ir wn tr ’s re sio We e ve 3Web lie that thro htheAto mnt o Christ, all m ug ne e f ankindm b s d, b o e nc tothelawsand ay e ave y b die e We e ve o rdinanc so theGo pe ef s l. 4Web lie that thefirst princ sando iple rdinanc so theGo pe are first, faith in theLo Je Christ; ef sl : rd sus We e ve s c nd, re ntanc ; third, b eo pe e aptismb im e io fo there issio o s ; fo y mrs n r m n f ins urth, Layingo o handsfo the nf r g o theHo Gho ift f ly st. 5Web lie that am m b c do Go b pro c andb thelayingo o handsb tho ewhoarein an ust e alle f d, y phe y, y nf ys We e ve autho topre htheGo l andadm rity, ac spe iniste in theo r rdinanc sthe o e re f. 6Web lie in thes eo anizatio that e te in thePrim Churc namly, apo tle pro ts, pasto am rg n xis d itive h, e s s, phe rs, We e ve te he e e ac rs, vang lists, andsofo rth. 7Web lie in theg o to ue , pro c re latio visio he , inte tatio o to ue andso ift f ng s phe y, ve n, ns, aling rpre n f ng s, We e ve fo rth. 8Web lie theBib tob thewo o Go asfar asit istranslate c rre tly; weals b lie theBo k o le e rd f d do c o e ve of We e ve Mo o tob thewo o Go rm n e rd f d. Continuance of The Articles of Faith Continuance 9Web lie all that Go hasre ale all that Hedo sno re al, andweb lie that Hewill ye re al d ve d, e w ve e ve t ve We e ve m g at andim rtant thing pe any re po s rtainingtotheKing mo Go do f d. 10Web lie in thelite g ringo Is l andin there ratio o theTe Trib s; that Zio (theNe e ve ral athe f rae sto n f n e n w 10 Je rusale ) will b b upo theAmric c ntine that Christ will re n pe nallyupo thee m e uilt n e an o nt; ig rso n arth; and, that thee will b re we andre e itsparadis al g ry. arth e ne d c ive iac lo 11Wec laimtheprivile eo wo hipingAlm htyGo ac o g f rs ig d c rdingtothedic so o o c nsc nc , and tate f ur wn o ie e 11 allo all mn thes eprivile e le the wo hipho whe , o what the m w e am g , t m rs w, re r y ay. 12Web lie in b ingsub c toking , pre ide rule andm is e ve e je t s s nts, rs, ag trate , in o e , ho ring ands s b ying no , ustaining 12 thelaw. 13Web lie in b ingho st, true c e ve e ne , haste b ne le virtuo andin do g o toall mn; inde d, wem , e vo nt, us, ing o d e e ay 13 s that wefo w theadm nitio o Paul—Web lie all thing , weho all thing , wehavee ay llo o nf e ve s pe s ndure d m thing andho tob ab toe any s, pe e le ndureall thing . If the isanythingvirtuo , lo ly, o o g o re rt s re us ve r f o d po o praise rthy, wese k afte the thing . r wo e r se s http://s ripture c /e rg n/a_o f_f/1 Doctrine and Covenants D octrine “Theb o o inallyc ntaine twoparts: a s q nc o le ture se o d e ue e f le s tting c The o k rig fo b icc hdo trine fo we b a c m rth as hurc c , llo d y o pilatio o im rtant n f po re latio o " o nants"o thec h: thusthenam Doctrine and ve ns, r c ve f hurc e Covenants. Thec ntro rs " c "po n o theb o ho ve o k, we r, Covenants The o ve ial do trine rtio f hasb e re o db b th theLDS Churc andtheCo m e n m ve y o h m unity o f Christ. There ainingpo n o theb o c ntainsm re latio o m rtio f ok o any ve ns n numro to s, m st o whic we dic db them ve e e us pic o f h re tate y o mnt's fo r J o phSm J r., s unde se ith, upple e db m rialspe dic adde mnte y ate rio ally d b e hde m y ac no inatio n.” Main Importance to the LDS Salvatio n Salvatio Salvation and how to obtain it Salvation Seeking salvation is the biggest concern in Seeking t he Mormon church. They follow the Savior t o become more like Him. By asking f orgiveness for our sins, we are atoned by Jesus Christ. In addition to atonement, the Mormons believe that you must be baptized i n the church to make your atonement official. Baptism is a major part of the salvation process. Baptism Baptism­baptism­43.jpg The Importance of Baptism The Baptism is an important ritual for the Mormons in the Baptism purification process. Baptism is the “gateway to salvation”—the second step after repentance. When a person is baptized in the Mormon Church, they become a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Baptism is the “perquisite to receiving the Holy Ghost.” Mormons believe that baptism is the only way one can enter into Heaven. Baptisms are done by a Mormon priest worthy of doing the ritual. Mormons do not baptize babies—the age of accountability is eight, meaning that at eight years old, the child is interviewed and is then baptized. baptized. w mormon_baptism.html Understanding the Ultimate Reality U nderstanding • TheChurchof J e usChrist of Latte Saintsbe vethat the isoneGod(in othe s r-day lie re r The wo , the arem no is ), m hlikeo r de m rds y o the tic uc the no inatio o Chris ns f tianity. Go is d part o atrinity. f • Godisape nal godwhoisthe for guidance Thosewhohe lost soulsphysically rso re . lp Go arekno as“e rs.” Elde aretho individualswhog do r-to o towitne s; wn lde rs se o o -do r s the areusually yo m s y ung ale . • Morm nsbe vein se othe the aree mlygiving. o lie rving rs; y xtre e • Morm nsbe vethat e hof ushasour own uniqueplan that Godhasarrange for lie ac d Mo o us—Go hasadivinepurpo efo us “Wewe se tothiswo tog e rie e d s r . We re nt rld ain xpe nc , us—Go todis uishg o fro e tole andg w thro hthec ic swem aswe ting o d m vil, arn ro ug ho e ake " t andareac dupo in m rtality.” ac te n" o http://www.m rm nb lie .o /m rm n_b lie o o e fs rg o o e fs.htm l In the Beginning… In The Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-day Saints believes The t hat the universe came into being from the Hand of God. Much like the traditional Christian belief, the Mormons believe that God created the world and everything around us in a period of seven days. God created man and woman. The Mormons often question the Bible’s reference to the “beginning.” The beginning could be anything from the beginning of time, to the beginning of life on earth. The Bible never gives us an exact answer to this puzzling question. The Mormons also believe that God put man and woman on this earth to procreate and follow His plan. w oman http:/ / earth.htm The Human Condition: The How do the LDS understand the nature and How meaning of human life in this world? meaning • Godhasaplan for usandguide usthroughour life s • Wewe se tothise togain e rie e todistinguishgoodfrom arth xpe nc , We re nt e andtole andg w fro thec ic swem aswe“ac andare vil, arn ro m ho e ake t ac dupo in m rality te n” o ac • Wehavethegift of age y, whichallowsustochoosewhoor what we nc We want tofo w llo want http:/ / mormon_beliefs.html The Afterlife The The Mormons believe that once you die, your spirit The enters Heaven (or a spirit world). What you l earned on earth stays with you and you learn more and progress in the spirit world. Sometime after death, your spirit and physical body reunite after — this is referred to as a resurrection. They —this believe that if you follow Jesus Christ before you die, then you will remain at peace once you enter the spirit world. t he http:/ / mormonorg/ eng/ basic-beliefs/ heavenly-father-s-plan Sacred symbols Sacred • TheBe hive e " hivepro r de te m phys al The pe no s an's ic b dy. Theho yc m sig sthat o ne o b nifie whic isinte r tothephys al, the h rio ic astral b dy. Andtheho y is o ne sym o al o thespiritual b dy, whic b lic f o h isc m s do thec ic st ne tarsand o po e f ho e c aro aso e m f arthly e rie e (C.C. xpe nc ." Zain, Ancient Masonry) Ancient • TheNauvooPe ram ntag Thro ho thehisto o LDS, the have ug ry f y Thro ut b e c ize fo thesym o o the e n ritic d r bl f pe ram In e ye it was ntag . arly ars, c m dtoe ss; tothisday, it s o pare vilne till c sc ntro rsy b twe n Mo o and ause o ve e e rm ns the“o ide o -in.” At o po uts rs-lo king ne int, thepe ramre s nte thefive ntag pre e d wo undso Christ. Ho ve s ptic f we r, ke al m havec nc dthat thesym o inds o lude bl s mho pre e vil. http:/ / html/ masonic_and_mormon_symbols.htmlo e w re s ntse http:/ The Beehive and Nauvoo Pentagram The http:/ / images/ masonictemplea http:/ / images/ masonictemplearticle/ thesaltlaketemple_p172.jpg Mormon Holidays Mormon Likem s Chris de m tian no inatio , theMo o ns rm ns Like o t c le rateChris asandEas r. Othe s c days eb tm te r pe ial inc : lude inc • J uly24—Pione r Day(ce brate thejourne toSalt e le s y LakeCity toavo pe e utio id rs c n) Lake • April 6—theannive aryof thefoundingof the rs April Churc h Churc Rites of Passage: Marriage Rites Marriage ceremonies are done Marriage privately within the Mormon Church. Mormons believe that husband and wife are as one flesh and meant to be together. “A marriage in the Mormon temple is meant to seal man and woman t ogether forever, to be one far beyond the end of their lives.” The marriage is never broken if the husband and wife stay true to each other and God. Although eternal marriages may end in divorce, many do not because of the amount of responsibility they have made to the Church and God. t he http:/ / eternal_marriage.html http:/ / images/ LAt Morality and Ethics: The Mormons views on homosexuality views The Church • “The Church of Latter Day Saints has strict laws on chastity, and the church believes that homosexuality is in violation of those laws. They believe that homosexuality i s a distortion of loving, family relationships, making it a serious sin. They also believe that homosexuality prevents people from receiving the blessings of family life. However, the LDS church does not limit the sin to homosexual behavior. They encourage members struggling w ith same-sex attraction to resist temptation by praying and seeking help to overcome their homosexuality. and • They do believe that homosexuals can repent for their They sins, but discourage members from committing the sin of homosexuality thinking that they can just ask for forgiveness later.” f orgiveness http:/ / od/ homosexuality/ f/ LDSHomosexualit.htm In Conclusion… In • TheChurchof J e usChrist of Latte Saintswasfounde byJ ose s r-day d ph The • • • • • Sm in 1830 ith Sm TheLDS Churc isthefo h urthlarg st Christian de m e no inatio in the n The Unite State . d s Unite Baptismse ure s c s alvatio n. The isaFathe So andHo Gho t. re r, n, ly s LDS b lie that weliveo thise tose Go andle fro o n arth rve d arn m ur LDS e ve m istake s. Wehavetherig toc o o de ht ho se ur stiny. Works Cited/ Annotation Works . 2 . rg 007 Thisistheo ial we s fo theChurc o J e Christ o Latte ffic b ite r h f sus f r-day Saints. It This inc sb f histo c nt ne ab ut theLDS, andb b lie . The aretwo lude rie ry, urre ws o asic e fs re o ial we site ffic b s—thiso inc sa“ne o —theo ial re o efo ne ne lude wsro m ffic s urc r ws mdia, o e pinio le rs, andthepub .” n ade lic “TheChurc o J e Chris o Latte h f sus tf r-day Saints .” The http://e n.wikipe rg dia.o /wiki/Churc f_J e _Christ_o h_o sus f_Latte r-day_Saints. 2007. http://e Wikipe isan o dia nlinee yc pe withvast info atio o theLDS. Thiswe sitedo sno nc lo dia rm n n b et Wikipe havea rig ht/wro o ng pinio ab ut theChurc andwasave he no h, ry lpful so e urc . Works Cited/ Annotation Works “Mo o Be fs.” http://www.m rm nb lie rg . 2007. rm o Mo n lie http://www.m o e fs.o / Thiswe siteisaMo o we s (ins r site ande rm n b ite ide ) xplainstheb lie e fs This b o theLDS, g sthec m telist o TheArtic so Faith, and f ive o ple f le f e xplainsthehisto o theChurc b g ry f h e inningwithJ o phSm se ith. http://fam sfo ve o /fam ilie re r.c m ily_re o e o o .htm s urc s_m rm nism l 2007. Thiswe siteisaMo o we s that isde te m b rm n b ite vo d ainly tothe c nc rnso fam issue It e oe f ily s. xplainstheMo o vie o m rm n’s ws n arriag , e pare nting andthevalue o fam , sf ily. pare Works Cited/ Annotation Works www.m rm n.o . 2007. o o rg Theo ial we s fo theLDS that isc ate toanswe ffic b ite r re d r q stio yo haveab ut theLDS re io The ares arc ue ns u o lig n. re eh e ine fo yo tolo ateac hne yo alo witha ng s r u c hurc ar u, ng se tio fo e ail fo yo toask aq stio Issue s has c n rm r u ue n. s uc we , ho lfare lidays andm narywo isdisc do the , issio rk usse n site . site ...
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