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8/29/11 Vladimir Putin kicks ass Prime minister of japan quit; economy has suffered for 20 years Virginia earthquake rattles East Coast. Shut down a nuclear power plant nearby in Virginia Irene struck the east coast. 18 people died from Puerto rico to Connecticut. Estimated 7 billion dollars in damage. 4 million homes lost power across the eastern U.S. Typhoon (hurricane) pummeled Philippines. Hit Taiwan and is heading toward japan and china. Yoshihiko Noda (Yoda) wins Japan leadership race. 6 th prime minister in last 5 years. Gaddafi still threat for Libya and world. Him and his family left for Algeria (hometown) Kim Jong IL is trying to open up North Korea. Met with president of Russia Region- space; boundaries; some sort of homogenous state (some sort of saneness, can
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Unformatted text preview: only apply to that specific region and not outside the region) • U.S. is one of the oldest countries to follow the fairly new concept of sovereign states • A state- needs sovereignty • Sovereignty- earn sovereignty when another country recognizes that you have sovereignty. No other higher power. Earn it by proving that you could protect you and your region. In the past, you had to prove it or have friends that had sovereign power. Now you have to sign a petition with the United Naitons • UN security council-15 members-real power(5 are permanent) o U.S. o China o Russia o United Kingdom o France o ALL HAVE VETO POWER (takes one to stop something from passing) (formed after World War II...
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