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lecture #4 - Russia has a lot of wealth but all their...

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9/12/11 Russia has a lot of wealth, but all their aircrafts, roads, and bridges are way out of date. Scotch exports are up 5% in the past year, as well as beer, champaign, wine, etc. o It’s all mostly going to china, because they are getting richer. Pakistan is getting hammered by floods in the southern half of the country. Last year was the same deal except only in the northern half. o 200 died, 4 million displaced 1 died in a blast at a French nuclear plant. The nuclear industry has been getting fucked up in 2011. It will be going down in stock. Germany got rid of their nuclear energy. Zero people have died in America from nuclear blasts, but we have given up on it 30 years ago because it is very dangerous. Recep Erdogan will be going to Egypt, Libya and Tunisia to consolidate its growing influence in a region shaken by the Arab Spring. (Arab Spring Tour) Turkey and Egypt have had a very good relationship with Isreal for decades U.S. and Isreal is worried about the tour. Natural Gas pipe line opened up between Russia and Germany.
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