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10/10/11 Putin is meeting with Chinese President Hu Jintao and counterpart Wen Jiabao today for a two day trip. Putin would like to expand ties with the eastern side of Eurasia (China, Japan, Korea, and India). Merkel, Sarkozy pledge bank recapitalization. Want to make sure banks have enough capital. Europe is going broke and they want to recapitalize (Put tax payer money into the banks of Europe to ‘restock’. Depression is when your economy gets smaller, recession is when your economy has a flat economy growth or very small economic growth. China is in an economic growth along with brazil, India, Korea, South America, South Africa. Kim Jong Un (Four Star General) has been serving as military strategist, political statesman and trusted deputy to his father, leader Kim Jung IL. Ali Abdullah Selah said he would step down from power in the coming days. Yemeni. UN main mission is to help countries to work together help prevention conflicts. The league of nations was attempted after WWI and failed.
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