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Critical Analysis of the Institution of Education

Critical Analysis of the Institution of Education - • Is...

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Critical Analysis of the Institution of Education Tuesday, November 15, 2011 2:04 PM We know race, gender, and class… Derive from Capitalism Are social structures Structured institutions, aka are institutionalized Education imparts knowledge and is… Informal o Learning through experience Non-formal o Random lecture, deliberate occasions Formal o Process of schooling, classroom learning Schooling is a socialization process to… Produce workers (re)produce culture (re)produce knowledge (re)structural inequalities Can an institution, i.e. education, or an organization, i.e. Virginia Tech, come from a certain center (perspective)? Sociological tools to analyze the institution of education in Africa… Paradigm Shift Cultural relativism o Can have a different perspective without degrading/ passing judgment Indigenous African knowledge is a holistic, concrete understanding of the social and natural world that…
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Unformatted text preview: • Is accumulated over generations • Imparts key norms, morals, and values of the community's focal points • Seeks to instill social responsibility European colonialism was a total system • Economic exploitation • Political dominance • Social, racial, and cultural dehumanization Colonialism and the imposition of Western formal education • Religious conversion • Curricula rigidly controlled • 'culture of silence' Western formal education, from tool of oppression to tool of liberation • Critical consciousness • Manichean structure o White or black, man or women • Africanization of formal education Can we relate this to education in the US? • Reproducing dominant culture and structural inequalities in terms of history • Do not focus on anything besides white dominant culture...
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