Critical Analysis of the Institution of Education

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Critical Analysis of the Institution of Education Tuesday, November 15, 2011 2:04 PM We know race, gender, and class… Derive from Capitalism Are social structures Structured institutions, aka are institutionalized Education imparts knowledge and is… Informal o Learning through experience Non-formal o Random lecture, deliberate occasions Formal o Process of schooling, classroom learning Schooling is a socialization process to… Produce workers (re)produce culture (re)produce knowledge (re)structural inequalities Can an institution, i.e. education, or an organization, i.e. Virginia Tech, come from a certain center (perspective)? Sociological tools to analyze the institution of education in Africa… Paradigm Shift Cultural relativism o Can have a different perspective without degrading/ passing judgment Indigenous African knowledge is a holistic, concrete understanding of the social and natural world that…
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Unformatted text preview: Is accumulated over generations Imparts key norms, morals, and values of the community's focal points Seeks to instill social responsibility European colonialism was a total system Economic exploitation Political dominance Social, racial, and cultural dehumanization Colonialism and the imposition of Western formal education Religious conversion Curricula rigidly controlled 'culture of silence' Western formal education, from tool of oppression to tool of liberation Critical consciousness Manichean structure o White or black, man or women Africanization of formal education Can we relate this to education in the US? Reproducing dominant culture and structural inequalities in terms of history Do not focus on anything besides white dominant culture...
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