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Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Physics Department Physics - 8.01 Assignment #7 November 1, 1999. It is strongly recommended that you read about a subject before it is covered in lectures. Lecture Date Material Covered Reading #21 Mon 11/1 Torques - Oscillating Bodies - Hoops Page 325 – 334, 394 – 396 #22 Wed 11/3 Kepler’s Laws - Elliptical Orbits Page 218 – 229 Satellites - Change of Orbits - Ham Sandwich Lecture Supplement of 11/3 See the Home Page #23 Fri 11/5 Doppler E±ect - Binary Stars Page 446 – 450 Neutron Stars and Black Holes Take Notes! #24 Mon 11/8 Rolling Motion - Gyroscopes Page 335 – 336, 339 – 345 Very Non-Intuitive! Lecture Supplement of 11/8 See the Home Page Due Monday, Nov 8, before 4 PM in 4-339B. This is not an easy assignment; start early! 7.1 Multiple-Stage Rocket – page 271, problem 55 7.2 Slingshot Encounters Spacecrafts can gain in mechanical energy as they encounter a planet. This may appear as a violation of the conservation of mechanical energy, but it is not. The gained energy is at the expense of the orbital energy of the planet. The easiest way to see how this works in principle is to treat the problem as a one-dimensional collision. Let the spacecraft have a mass m and just before the encounter a velocity v , the planet a mass
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assign7 - Massachusetts Institute of Technology Physics...

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