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VBA Structure Day 2

VBA Structure Day 2 - o Range(“A2”.Value = Last Do the...

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VBA Structure Day 2 Developer Tab, Visual Basic Icon o Opens up visual basic editor To make a variable write Dim VariableName As DataType o I.E. Dim Last As String o Dim First As String Use input boxes to obtain the necessary data o Prompt is the only required argument when making an input box ‘Use input boxes to obtain employee info o Range(“C2”).Value = InputBox(“Please provide the employee’s title.”) To store the last name set cell A2 = last
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Unformatted text preview: o Range(“A2”).Value = Last Do the same for first You can not have a worksheet with the same name as the one you used in your VBA code or you will get an error message Select Case Pay Rate o Case 1 >= 30 Use highest tax rate o Case 2 >= 10 Use medium tax rate o Case Else Use lowest tax rate o End Select o In VBA for each of these cases we are going to tell it what we want it to do...
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