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Shane Swaby Black skin, White Masks by Frantz Fanon explores the meaning of being Niggers/Negros, and the fight against racism. As a black man, all we strive for is to be men among men, and indulge what was ours and to help build this world together. But as Fanon says "In America, Negroes are segregated, In South America Negroes are whipped in the street, and in West Africa, the negro is an animal." A man was expected to act and behave as black men, or at least a nigger. According to Fanon trying to express yourself to this world in a positive manor can easily be slashed way, and told to go back to where you belong." We Must not allow ourselves to be poisoned by the stereotypes and to not live in fear, thinking our actions will correspond to the stereotype. Fanon wants the African American community to assert oneself as a black man. If you come accustomed to the white mans world, you will end up moving slowly, crawling, if you seek no upheaval, you will fade away and continue to let the white man dissect you with his eyes, leaving them
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