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Devin Corvino In "Autobiography of a Generation: Italy, 1968", Luisa Passerini evaluates her relationships with others as well as engaging in interviews with student activists. As the worker-student revolt continued, members of the group would hand out leaflets, hold after-shift meetings, and call for unauthorized marches. It was known that there would be a revolution in Italy since internationalism was present, but questions arose as to when and where this would take place. There was knowledge of the labor organizations in factories and also of the pay scale, which became frustrating to the public. Violence was common and in 1978-1979, the news was flooded with reports of kidnappings and attacks of left-wing terrorism. 1969 was when the workers' struggled flourished and a period of creativity began in the sense of speech, communication, and the ability to redefine what was known. Foreign workers began to organize on a multinational level and media at the time was translated into Turkish, Greek, Slavic, Spanish, Italian, and
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