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Lecture+17+-+Consequences+of+Virtuality - Living & ...

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Unformatted text preview: Living & Working in Virtual Spaces: Virtual Communi9es For Tuesday • CMC Ch. 17 • Response Paper II Due 2 Second Life • Launched in 2003 • As of 2010, 21.3 million registered “residents” – Unknown how many are acMve • Currency - Lindens – Anshe Chung - 2006 (Ailin Graef) – SL Millionare - selling and developing land plots 3 IBM: InnovaMon Jam 4 IBM: Virtual MeeMngs 5 IBM: SL InnovaMon Complex 6 IBM: SL SocializaMon 7 VCs: CommuniMes of PracMce • "CommuniMes of pracMce are an integral part of our daily lives. They are so informal and so pervasive that they rarely come into explicit focus, but for the same reasons, they are also quite familiar.” – Wenger • CoPs allow users to: – – – – – – Facilitate collaboraMon Gain access to expert informaMon Filter out incorrect informaMon by peer group Capture insMtuMonal knowledge and reuse it Prevent re- invenMng wheels by sharing knowledge Share successful best pracMces 8 CoPs: Key features • • • • • Shared Domain of PracMce/Interest Crosses operaMonal, funcMonal and organizaMonal boundaries Defined by knowledge, not tasks Managed by making connecMons Focus on value, mutual exchange and learning\ 9 Brand CommuniMes Wenger et. al. 2002 11 Turner, Smith, Fisher and Welser (2005) 12 ...
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