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Lecture+18+-+Social+Support - Social Support For ...

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Unformatted text preview: Social Support For Thursday • Bambina reading (on Sakai) • Work on group projects 2 Online Social Support • [email protected] of social support & CMC research – he ability to either directly or indirectly communicate to an individual that he or she is valued and cared for by others (Barnes & Duck, 2004) • Types of social support – – – – [email protected] [email protected] Esteem Tangible • Person centered messages • [email protected] reappraisal 3 Online Social Support • Does online support help? – Individual [email protected]@on with computer- mediated social support correlated with [email protected] in perceived life stress (Wright, 1999) • Five contexts – Online support groups • generally asynchronous • [email protected] anonymous – – – – Public discussion boards Chat rooms Instant messaging Virtual worlds 4 Gaining support online • How do you structure your disclosures in order to gain support? – Examples • • • • [email protected] seeking Distressed [email protected] Suspicious Old birds – Strategies • • • • [email protected] Crying Asking Complaining 5 Case Study: Weight Loss • People who received social support while [email protected] were more likely to lose weight and to maintain the weight loss – dieters who received social support were more likely to complete the weight loss program, to lose more weight, and to maintain the weight loss. • 2010 Study: – Fa[ighterblogs.com – Focused on morbid obesity – Surveyed 50 bloggers and observed blog posts • Online support provides: – – – – Empathy Accountability [email protected] [email protected] 6 ...
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