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Unformatted text preview: Social Support For Tuesday • Mar.ns et. al. on virtual teams • Work on group projects 2 Social Networks - Early History • Small Groups – The Bank Wiring Room (Warner & Mayo, 1931) • Larger Networks – The Strength of Weak Ties (GranovePer, 1973) – Small World Phenomenon (Milgram, 1967) 3 What the analy.cs can tell you: • Social Network Analysis (SNA) relates to mapping, understanding, analyzing and measuring interac.ons across a network of people – Social networks, both formal as well as informal can foster knowledge sharing among par.cipants – This has interes.ng implica.ons on enterprises wan.ng to leverage social networks to draw insights and inferences on user preferences as well as user par.cipa.on in networks – Using SNA, analysts can explore ques.ons related to social networks such as • Who are the members to watch? • What are they saying? • Where do they interact? • Strength of interac.ons? • Emergence of sub- groups? 4 Collec.ve Wisdom • Ra.ng sites • Wikipedia • Social news 5 Online Social Support in the SOL Cancer Forum • A network support- specific model – “an electronic social network creates .es that allow the exchange of resources among network members as in a tradi.onal social network • Differences exist: – lack of physical contact / interac.ons – “electronic” network 6 Online Social Support in the SOL Cancer Forum • Emo.onal Support – – – – empathy/understanding encouragement affirming/valida.on sympathy – caring/concern • Informa.onal Support – Advice – Referrals – Teaching • Companionship – Chafng – Humor/teasing – Groupness 7 A networks perspec.ve 8 A networks perspec.ve 9 A networks perspec.ve on social support • Roles and types of support: – The star actor, the prime givers, and the serious members share a significantly larger por.on of all three kinds of support – The moderate users receive some emo.onal support and a great amount of informa.onal support, but they do not significantly reciprocate either – Takers do not contribute any support to the forum and only receive support in small quan..es 10 A networks perspec.ve 11 A networks perspec.ve 12 Mul.- layered model 13 ...
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