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Jews+under+Christendom - • Expulsions o France 1182 1306...

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Jews under Christendom – JSC-I (Rendsburg) Christian-Jewish theological tension Anti-Jewish laws Disputations o Paris 1240 / 1244 (burning of Talmud and four rabbinic leaders) o Barcelona 1263 (Nahmanides leaves and settles in Jerusalem) Crusades o First Crusade 1095-1099 (massacre in the Rhineland) o Second Crusade 1147-1149 o Third Crusade 1187-1192 (1190 massacre in York) Blood Libel o 1144 Norwich, England o 1171 Blois, France Black Plague 1349 – Jews blamed Inquisition 1478 Spain (not officially abolished until 1834)
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Unformatted text preview: • Expulsions o France 1182, 1306 o England 1290 (under Edward I) o Spain 1492 o Portugal 1497 o Only Italy (under the Popes) never expelled the Jews • Major scholars o Rashi (1040-1105) – major scholar, commentator on Bible and Talmud o Rashbam (1085-1158) – grandson of Rashi, new approach to Bible • Jewish involvment in the transmission of science, philosophy, etc, setting the stage for the Renaissance...
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