Jews+under+Islam - Jews under Islam JSC-I(Rendsburg...

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Jews under Islam – JSC-I (Rendsburg) Muhammad c. 570-632 622-632 – Islam spreads throughout Arabia. 632-640 – Arabs conquer the whole Near East, Islam spreads. 660 – Islam spreads to Persia. 660-750 – Islam spread across North Africa and into Spain (in the west) and to lands east of Persia (in the east). 750 – 90% of the Jews (perhaps even more) in the world live under the Umayyad Caliphate (later this caliphate rules only in Spain). Pact of ‘Umar, c. 717 – allows dhimmī (tolerated people, i.e., Jews and Christians) to live under Muslim rule, though subject to a series of laws Jews flourish under Arab/Muslim rule. 762 – Baghdad becomes capital of the Abbasid Caliphate, in close proximity to the Jewish rabbinical academies led by the Geonim and the Jewish civil leadership under the Exilarch; which is to say, “the caliphate moves into the neighborhood.” Radhanites – Jewish traders throughout the Muslim world and beyond, including trade with Christian Europe to the north and west and China etc. along the silk route to the east.
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Jews+under+Islam - Jews under Islam JSC-I(Rendsburg...

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