Nutrition+for+Today+Syllabus+2011 - 11:015:265 Fall 2011...

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11:015:265 Nutrition for Today (1 credit) Fall 2011 Dr. Debra Palmer ; Office Location: 11 Suydam; 2 nd Floor (call 732.932.5547 or my office number to get in) Work: 732.932.9853; Personal Cell: 732.718.1420 123 Bartlett Hall; Tuesdays 12:50-1:45 COURSE AIM The aim of this course is to increase the breadth and depth of student knowledge regarding a wide variety of nutrition topics. . COURSE OBJECTIVES Upon completion of the course, the student will be able to: A. Develop a “healthy” personal dietary plan. B. Recognize what an adequate level of physical activity is and how to achieve it. C. Critically evaluate how he/she can live a healthier life through better nutrition. COURTESY Please arrive to class on time. Please turn off all pagers and cell phones, blackberries, and other electronic devices before class including laptops. Do not hold conversations with your friends during class. Do not study for tests or do homework for other classes. In other words, I want
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Nutrition+for+Today+Syllabus+2011 - 11:015:265 Fall 2011...

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