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Midterm Study Guide -religion in late antiquity -effect of urban, mercantile economy on religion -monotheism -universalism -Byzantine Empire -Sasanian Empire -Lahkmids -Ghassanids from  The Message  handout: -aniconism -shirk -Muhammad -Abu Sufyan -Bilal -significance of memorable quotes -the issue of religious identity -the rise of Christianity -Monophysites -Diophysites -Council of Chalcedon -Mazdak revolts -late antique concepts of political authority -characteristics of pagan religion -Byzantine/Sasanian war 602-628 -tribe -sharif -the Quraysh -Mecca -Medina -haram -hanif -raiding (ghazwa)
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-role of trade -Sura 52:1-16; 85:1-10; 96 -difference between Meccan & Medinan suras -hadith & hadith qudsi -role of Abraham -Hijra -umma -Constitution of Mecca -Battles of Badr, Uhud, the Trench -Treaty of Hudaybiyya -early Islamic reforms -sira -John Wansbrough -Qur’an 2:217 -exegesis -Salvation History
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Unformatted text preview: -“referential style” of the Qur’an-problems with early Islamic sources-factors in favor of 7 th c origin of Qur’an-Uthman’s role in Qur’an collection-Yemeni Qur’an-Dome of the Rock (please note: Berkey gives “692 and the years following” as the dates of construction, while in lecture I gave you 688-691. Either set of dates will receive full credit, and, actually, “the late 7 th century” is probably best, since sources don’t agree on the exact dates)-Ishmael-Hagarism-Arabian identity of early Islam-Muhajirun-Ansar-death of Muhammad-Ghadir Khumm-“Rightly-Guided Caliphs”-Abu Bakr-Umar-Uthman-Ali-Husayn-“wars of ridda”-diwan-sabiqa-Karbala-Mu`awiyya-battle of Siffin-Kharijis/Khawarij-mawali-Shi`a-ahl al-bayt-Ghulat extremists-dhimmi communities-Isra’iliyyat-map...
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Isl+Civ+Midterm+Study+Guide - -“referential style” of...

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