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Spring 2011 Kaumudi Misra Preparation for Class on April 06, 2011 CHAPTER 16 What is Organizational Culture ? What is Institutionalization ? What is the difference between Culture and Institutionalization? Relate Organizational Culture and Structure : o Why is it an important component of Organizational Behavior o How does it impact Individual/Group Behaviors? What are the seven primary characteristics of Organizational Culture ? Do Organizations have uniform Cultures? o How would you differentiate between different Organizational Cultures : Dominant Culture Subcultures Core Values Strong Culture Functions
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Unformatted text preview: : What do Cultures Do? • Culture as a Barrier : What does it create a barrier to? Can this be changed? • How Cultures Begin……and How are they Kept Alive ? • How can we create a Positive Organizational Culture ? • The Process of Socialization : o What is it? o Define its 3 Stages o What are 5 Different socialization techniques • What is spirituality in Organizations? Do you think it works? • Global Implications of Organizational Culture. THINK: • Is culture in-built (a given) or created? Can culture be changed/shaped? • Can we really create ‘global’ organizational cultures? 1/1...
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