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Spring 2011 Kaumudi Misra Preparation for Class on March 23, 2011 CHAPTER 13 Power: Definition and Relevance in Organizations Contrast Leadership and Power What are the different bases of Power? What are Power Tactics and how might people use it in organizations? Politics: Definition and Relevance in Organizations o Different types of Political Behavior in organizations What are some of the causes and consequences of Organizational Political Behavior o Factors influencing ‘Organizational Political Behavior’ o Employee Responses to ‘Organizational Political Behavior’
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Unformatted text preview: • What is Impression Management (IM) o Uses and Effectiveness of IM • Ethics and Organizational Politics o Who wields maximum Power in an organization? Can they ‘misuse’ it? • Global Implications of Organizational Political Behavior • THINK: What is the relevance of learning about Politics in organizational behavior? Can we really avoid organizational politics? • Do we learn to manage politics intuitively or is there a systematic way to understand political behavior? How would we use this knowledge? 1/1...
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