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Preparation+for+Class+on+March+21 - model • Charismatic...

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LSER Organizational Behavior & Work Spring 2011 Kaumudi Misra Preparation for Class on March 21, 2011 CHAPTER 12 Leadership: Definition and Difference between Leadership and Management What are the different types of Leadership Theories: o Trait Theories: Define - What do they say? Summarize the conclusions of Trait Theories of Leadership. o Behavioral Theories: Define - What do the Behavioral Theories say? Identify their central tenets, and limitations. Should Trait theories and Behavioral Theories be integrated? Why? o Contingency Theories: What do the Contingency Theories of leadership have in common? Define the different types of contingency theories, and explain them: Fiedler’s Model Hersey and Blanchard’s Situational Theory Path-Goal Theory Leader-Member Exchange Theory Vroom and Yetton’s Leader-Participation Model Identify the situational variables in Vroom & Yetton’s leader-participation
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Unformatted text preview: model. • Charismatic Leadership – Define a charismatic leader. • Transactional & Transformational Leadership: o Define both o Compare and contrast o How does transformational leadership work? • Why are ethics and Trust vital to effective leadership? • Do you think U. S. managers might need to adjust their leadership approaches in Brazil, France, Egypt, and China? How? Go the extra-mile: Are effective leaders born or made - What do you think? Support your ideas with the different theories you learnt in this Chapter – Trait; Behavioral; and/or Contingency. What would these theories tell you about whether effective leaders are born or made? o Selection 1/2 LSER Organizational Behavior & Work Spring 2011 Kaumudi Misra o Training 2/2...
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Preparation+for+Class+on+March+21 - model • Charismatic...

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