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Preparation+for+Class+on+Feb+28-Mar+02 - • Communication...

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LSER Organizational Behavior & Work Spring 2011 Kaumudi Misra Preparation for Class on Feb 28 – Mar 02, 2011 CHAPTER 11 Communication: Definition and Process. Functions of Communication. Communication Channel: Definition and Types? Elements of Interpersonal Communication. Elements of Nonverbal Communication – its importance? Small group network: Definition and Types? o What does small group network effectiveness depend on? (see Exhibit 11-4)? Elements of Electronic Communication? How can effective communication channels be chosen?
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Unformatted text preview: • Communication Richness: What is it and why is it important to study? (see Exhibit 11-6). • Barriers to Effective Communication. • Culture and Communication Overall, what is the importance of Communication in the study of Organizational Behavior? Go the extra-mile: Think of some examples of (situations) where communication could fall through in an organization; and some in which sound communication might resolve a crisis! 1/1...
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