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Preparation+for+Class+on+February+16 - employees • Give...

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Spring 2011 Kaumudi Misra Preparation for Class on February 16, 2011 CHAPTER 8- Motivation: From Concepts to Applications Describe the job characteristics model and evaluate the way it motivates by changing the work environment. Compare and contrast the main ways jobs can be redesigned. Identify three alternative work arrangements and show how they might motivate
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Unformatted text preview: employees. • Give examples of employee involvement measures and show how they can motivate employees. • Demonstrate how the different types of variable-pay programs can increase employee motivation. • Show how flexible benefits turn benefits into motivators. • Identify the motivational benefits of intrinsic rewards. •...
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  • Spring '11
  • Misra
  • Job Characteristics Model, Kaumudi Misra, LSER Organizational Behavior, main ways jobs, employee involvement measures

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