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Spring 2011 Kaumudi Misra Preparation for Class on January 24, 2011 CHAPTER 1: What is Organizational Behavior? What is the importance of interpersonal skills in the workplace? How important are managers for the study of Organizational Behavior (OB)? Why? What are the important: o Management Functions o Management Roles o Management Skills What makes managers effective today? (Refer Exhibit 1-2) Enter Organizational Behavior: o Define OB o Show the Value of Systematic Study in OB o Identify the Major disciplines that contribute to OB.
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Unformatted text preview: How? o Why do we say There are Few Absolutes in OB? Identify the Challenges & Opportunities Managers (and we all might) face in implementing OB principles. Identify the Three Levels in the OB Contingency Model o OB Independent and Dependent Variables o So, what are Contingency Variables again? Think about this: Overall, what is the importance of OB in our lives? Who really makes a difference within organizations is it managers, individuals, top-management, or anyone else?...
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