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IRWIN 9e 12_37

IRWIN 9e 12_37 - lnNin Basic Engineering Circuit Analysis...

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Unformatted text preview: lnNin, Basic Engineering Circuit Analysis, 9/E 1 12.3? A series RLC circuit is driven by a signal generator. The resonant frequency:r of the network: is known to be lfifll] [£1de and at that frenzjnencjlr the impedance seen by the signal generates is 5 [1. If C = 21‘.) ”F, find L, Q, and the bandwidth. SOLUTION: 2: R+J(wL-.L_) vac, OJ WOYlQhLL 23K 1‘ 51L L: i I: i mat ((500)1(20XIQ' 6) L: lQ-53'mH R CO: l600< W53 We“ ~ 5 (Q: 625 8w: fie, I b192, Q 6-25 8w 3 156 91mm Chapter 12: Variable —- Frequeney Network Performance Problem 12. 37 ...
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