HIS 4 - To August Revolution

HIS 4 - To August Revolution - To The August Revolution...

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To The August Revolution                            Communist uprising to free Vietnam from French Hanoi major strategic area Vietminh came to power in urban heart of Vietnam August 1945 – August revolution 5,000 communist out of some 17 million population WW2 transformed communist prospects in 2 ways As war progressed, political and military vacuum that the communists were  able to fill o Japanese success in war inspired Vietnamese nationalism o March 1945, Japanese deposed French from Vietnam o Both Japan and France weakened in countryside, communism took  over in Vietnam Severe economic hardships in large sectors of the populations o created climate favorable to communism o war brought taxes, inflation, unemployment o brought famine in 1944-1945, killed 15-20% of people o made more people think social change was necessary In Cochinchina, promising communist infrastructure was wiped out after leading several  attacks on local French organizations May of 1941, party leadership held emergency strategy session in Northern Vietnam  right across border from China wanted new war-time strategy to capitalize on Japanese intervention
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HIS 4 - To August Revolution - To The August Revolution...

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