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IRWIN 9e 12_64 - InNin, Basic Engineering Circuit Analysis,...

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Unformatted text preview: InNin, Basic Engineering Circuit Analysis, 9/E 1 lat-5t. .-—‘i. fluid level sensur. useil tu measure waiter level iii a reserL'itIir. inltputs Ei L'ulttige ilireetly jimpurtiunnl tu fluid level. Llnt'iirttlniitely. the sensitivity iii the sensiir drifts uhinlt llii-i- twer time. Shine means for tuning the sensitivity is reinlireil. ‘r'tinr engineering team priiduees the simple OTx-‘i. circuit in Fig. F'lEtv—l. [a] Shuw that either VG ur RI: can he used tn vary the sensitivity. [In] List till rims tint] eiins yuu can think ut' t'ur these twu tintiuns. [1:] What‘s your reei‘iniinendntiuit'? 'I LSCEIX'UJ'D— | 31% Figure Piztfia SOLUTION: 'vsensor Chapter 12: Variable — Frequency Network Performance Problem 12. 64 2 Irwin, Basic Engineering Circuit Analysis. 9/E V0: 20( $191M) VXQmOs K'- ‘36} WW) can [22 Cinnng hf (Jamar)? V@ on Ra. (b) Timing Qa JA eamj. and r‘vfxperflfve‘ 126, (an be add'wilcci ULng a Alhxbfl )pu’lrtniiOmQva- TAM Jo Cm Indde warm W 29am, uo. Tunme V0, buon .0» van'olafll vou, gown.» We amt 4/) ~A¢gvm Man Ctéweci viii-age. HCuXWY, Us, (1nd. \Jo CDC ‘ CC) Rat/aid Magi, {UM}? wif’i R57 beat Choice; _——.——_————-—-————-————’— Problem 12.64 Chapter 12: Variable — Frequency Network Performance ...
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