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IRWIN 9e 12_77 - Inivin Basic Engineering Circuit Analysis...

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Unformatted text preview: Inivin, Basic Engineering Circuit Analysis, 9/E 12.}? .--'m engineer has pi'npnseil the uireuii fihfl‘k‘tl in Fig. P117? in filter will high-frequency hiiiHe. Determine the miner: 01' the capacitor and register [0 achieve ;1 “Pi—LIB \r'LT'll-LILEEC ilrnp iii 33.16 RH?“ U—a-"N R l 5.. .. Figure P123? SOLUTION: _V_.t2. ‘ ch VI 2+ _.._’ ‘ Jw‘ Chapter 12: Variable — Frequency Network Performance Problem 12. 77 2 irwin, Basic Engineering Circuit Analysis. 9/E w: 231(2346 x/o3) SLUM C: MP 7:. H H i b“ 2H (23-ieXi03)(ile'q) 2:: 6-27 m. __———_————__——_——.—-——— E Problem 12.77 Chapter 12: Variable — Frequency Network Performance ...
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