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Criteria for effective goals

Criteria for effective goals - determined based on existing...

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Criteria for effective goals To make sure that goal setting benefits the organization, managers must adopt certain  characteristics and guidelines. The following describes these criteria: Goals must be specific and measurable.  When possible, use quantitative terms,  such as increasing profits by two percent or decreasing student enrollment by one percent,  to express goals.  Goals should cover key result areas.  Because goals cannot be set for every  aspect of employee or organizational performance, managers should identify a few key  result areas. These key areas are those activities that contribute most to company  performance — for example, customer relations or sales.  Goals should be challenging but not too difficult.  When goals are unrealistic,  they set employees up for failure and lead to low employee morale. However, if goals are  too easy, employees may not feel motivated. Managers must be sure that goals are 
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Unformatted text preview: determined based on existing resources and are not beyond the team's time, equipment, and financial resources. • Goals should specify the time period over which they will be achieved. Deadlines give team members something to work toward and help ensure continued progress. At the same time, managers should set short-term deadlines along the way so that their subordinates are not overwhelmed by one big, seemingly unaccomplishable goal. It would be more appropriate to provide a short term goal such as, “Establish a customer database by June 30.” • Goals should be linked to rewards. People who attain goals should be rewarded with something meaningful and related to the goal. Not only will employees feel that their efforts are valued, but they will also have something tangible to motivate them in the future....
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