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Effectiveness of Teams

Effectiveness of Teams - action and ways to measure success...

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Effectiveness of Teams High-performance teams don't just appear; they are developed and nurtured. By themselves, leaders  with vision cannot guarantee the development of such high-performance teams, nor can members  who desire to be part of such teams. The development of high-performance teams takes the  combined efforts of visionary leaders and motivated team members. In addition, facilitators with  expertise in team building are needed. The following lists the characteristics that comprise high- performance teams: The team has a common focus, including clear and understandable goals, plans of 
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Unformatted text preview: action, and ways to measure success. • Roles and responsibilities are clearly defined for each team member. • Each member has clearly defined expectations of other members. • The team fully utilizes its resources—both internal and external. • Members value each other's differences in healthy and productive ways. • Each member is able to give, receive, and elicit necessary feedback. • The team members manage their meetings in a productive way. • The team is able to reach goals by achieving the necessary results....
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