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Making Employment Decisions

Making Employment Decisions - Making Employment Decisions...

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Making Employment Decisions Employment decisions go beyond determining which employees are due for raises. Through regular,  objective performance appraisals, managers acquire information to make and implement decisions  about promotions, transfers, demotions, separations, and compensation. In most organizations, outstanding employees are recognized for their hard work and outstanding  performances, and offered promotions. A promotion generally means rewarding an employee's  efforts by moving that person to a job with increased authority and responsibility. Downsizing has led many firms to rely on lateral moves or transfers instead of promoting employees.  A lateral move can act as an opportunity for future vertical advancement because it can broaden an  employee's experiences and add skills.
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  • Fall '11
  • theft, employment decisions, OBJECTIVE PERFORMANCE APPRAISALS, separations. Involuntary   separations, future vertical advancement

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