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Organizational mission statements - goals But not all...

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Organizational mission statements An organization's  mission statement  describes what the organization stands for and why it exists. It  explains the overall purpose of the organization and includes the attributes that distinguish it from  other organizations of its type.  A mission statement should be more than words on a piece of paper; it should reveal a company's  philosophy, as well as its purpose. This declaration should be a living, breathing document that  provides information and inspiration for the members of the organization. A mission statement  should answer the questions, “What are our values?” and “What do we stand for?” This statement  provides focus for an organization by rallying its members to work together to achieve its common 
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Unformatted text preview: goals. But not all mission statements are effective in America's businesses. Effective mission statements lead to effective efforts. In today's quality-conscious and highly competitive environments, an effective mission statement's purpose is centered on serving the needs of customers. A good mission statement is precise in identifying the following intents of a company: • Customers — who will be served • Products/services — what will be produced • Location — where the products/services will be produced • Philosophy — what ideology will be followed...
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