People - together more effectively to solve problems....

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People-centered:  This type of change alters the attitudes, behaviors, skills, or  performance of employees in the company. Changing people-centered processes involves  communicating, motivating, leading, and interacting within groups. This focus may entail  changing how problems are solved, the way employees learn new skills, and even the very  nature of how employees perceive themselves, their jobs, and the organization.  Some people-centered changes may involve only incremental changes or small  improvements in a process. For example, many organizations undergo leadership training  that teaches managers how to communicate more openly with employees. Other programs  may concentrate on team processes by teaching both managers and employees to work 
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Unformatted text preview: together more effectively to solve problems. Remember that strategic, structural, process-oriented, and people-centered changes occur continuously in dynamic businesses. Often, changes in one of these areas impact changes in the other areas. Many employees believe that a change is often reactive and nothing more than a quick fix; then they brace themselves for more changes in the future. Management needs to realize that serious underlying problems in organizations must be addressed with long-term consequences in mind. Thus, when management implements changes, careful thought must be given to ensure that the new processes are for the long-term good of the company....
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