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Personal Challenges for Global Managers

Personal Challenges for Global Managers - business...

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Personal Challenges for Global Managers Building an internationally competent workforce whose members know the business and  are flexible and open-minded can take years. Multinational organizations can no longer  rely on just a few managers with multicultural experience or a few experts on a  particular country to succeed. In short, all employees must have some minimal level of  international expertise and be able to recognize cultural differences that may affect daily 
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Unformatted text preview: business communications and working relationships. In general, overseas managers share common traits with their domestic counterparts. Wherever a manager is hired, he or she needs the technical knowledge and skills to do the job, and the intelligence and people skills to be a successful manager. Selecting managers for expatriate assignments means screening them for traits that predict success in adapting to what may be dramatically new environments....
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  • Fall '11
  • global managers, share common traits, internationally competent workforce, years. Multinational organizations

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