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Span of control Span of control  (sometimes called span of management) refers to the number of workers who report  to one manager. For hundreds of years, theorists have searched for an ideal span of control. When  no perfect number of subordinates for a manager to supervise became apparent, they turned their  attention to the more general issue of whether the span should be wide or narrow.  A wide span of management exists when a manager has a large number of subordinates. Generally,  the span of control may be wide when The manager and the subordinates are very competent. The organization has a well-established set of standard operating procedures.
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Unformatted text preview: • Few new problems are anticipated. A narrow span of management exists when the manager has only a few subordinates. The span should be narrow when • Workers are located far from one another physically. • The manager has a lot of work to do in addition to supervising workers. • A great deal of interaction is required between supervisor and workers. • New problems arise frequently. Keep in mind that the span of management may change from one department to another within the same organization....
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